Mission Statement

The mission of the Evans Head Memorial Aerodrome Heritage Aviation Association ( the “Association”) is to restore, preserve, promote and display a range of historical aviation exhibits and to educate and stimulate the interest of the general public in general aviation, in our military history and in the natural and cultural history of the area. We will do this through our high standards of professionally displayed exhibits, our active community engagement, the commitment and expertise of our members and staff and our sincere, enthusiastic and professional promotion of our exhibits and activities.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to become one of Australia’s leading regional venues for public education and engagement with aviation and aviation military history and to honour the significant role played by Evans Head Aerodrome in our national military heritage, as Australia’s largest WWII RAAF base, for present and future generations.

Collection Policy

The Association, through the Evans Head Living Museum (the “Museum”) will develop a multi-faceted collection of aircraft and aviation memorabilia which reflects progress and changes across aviation history, both civil and military.

The Museum Collection will have a strong focus on the history of the NSW State Heritage-listed Evans Head Aerodrome, collecting items including photographs and documents (and ideally aircraft), which reflect the Aerodrome’s unique role in Australia’s military history, particularly in World War II.

The Museum’s collection will reflect positively on its association with the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and celebrate the ongoing importance of the site in today’s ADF.

The Museum will enhance its location in the historic Bellman Hangar with state-of-the art interactive displays and simulators to reflect the heritage aircraft on display.