Items other than aircraft

This page features a selected variety from the general collection of donated items, including flight paraphernalia, aircraft parts, RAAF memorabilia, and historical documents.

Link Trainer model AN-T-18

An important non-flying item in the museum collection is a Link Trainer made by Link Aviation Devices of Binghampton, NY, USA. It is a model AN-T-18 (Army/Navy Trainer model 18). This type was used before and during WW2, mainly for training pilots in flying by instruments alone.

Kingsley AR7 Receiver

The AR7 was a high quality valve receiver made by the Kingsley company of Sydney, and used by the RAAF during WW2 and onwards. It covered a wide frequency range, from 150 KHz to 25 MHz, in 6 bands. Band changes were made by changing the plug-in tuning module, which is the part with handles below the tuning dial in the photo.

A power supply for the receiver could operate from both the mains and 12 volt, providing versatility for fixed installations and field use. The receiver could be used stand-alone, or mounted into a rack.

With two tuned RF stages and two IF stages, the AR7was noted for its high sensitivity and selectivity, making it very suitable for monitoring of both aircraft and ground based transmitters. A rare item donated by the Summerland Amateur Radio Club.