The Orion is back in place

The Museum’s Orion A9-752, stored at Lismore above the 1:100 flood height, and ready for transport to Evans Head, was lifted up and moved by the recent unprecedented flood waters. It has now been recovered and is back in place in the General Aviation area at the airport. Work is underway with a cleanup.

A significant aircraft acquisition adds to the collection

The museum has acquired a Hughes SP2000 light sport aircraft, donated by the family of the late Howard Hughes, the founder of Australian Lightwing at Ballina. More info to come soon on this superb plane.

EHHAM donates helicopter to Temora Museum

Some years back the Museum acquired a superceded Dauphine helicopter, which operated locally with the Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter Service. It has been donated to the Temora Ambulance Museum, which was considered to be a more appropriate location to display this aircraft.

The Dauphine in late December, loaded ready for transport to its new home at Temora. With it are museum volunteer Geoff and the truck driver.